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Another German Delivery!

Okay so today we have had another german beer delivery! 11 crates restocking everyone's favourites beers!

๐Ÿบ Rothaus Pils

๐Ÿบ Krombacher

๐Ÿบ Paulaner Salvator

๐Ÿบ Hacker Pschorr Munch Hell

๐Ÿบ Tegernseer Spezial

๐Ÿบ Augustiner Edelstoff

๐Ÿบ Fruh Kolsch

๐Ÿบ Reisdorf Kolsch

๐Ÿบ Irlbacher Hefe Weisse

๐Ÿบ Kuppers Kolsch

And we have a BRAND NEW one too!

๐Ÿบ Dom Kolsch

Which one is your favourite?

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